Listen 👏🏾 To 👏🏾 Me 👏🏾 -You Gotta Try Miyokos!

Disclaimer: This is going to sound like paid content, but IT IS NOT. Although I am willing and available because this brand is everything!

I am a long time foodie, so believe me when I say you gotta get you some Miyokos butter and cheese in your life.

Miyokos isn’t just cheese. It is artisan cheese made by vegan celebrity chef Miyoko Schinner. She is a long time foodie who was determined to create vegan cheeses and foods that would satisfy her love for rich french cuisine. And she did the damn thing.

My obsession with this company began with their vegan butter. When I say you can put it on everything… popcorn, toast, vegan pancakes and waffles, on a baked potato, on your cornbread and in your grits and EVERY time it will look, melt and taste just like real butter.

And the cheeses… mozzarella, feta, cream cheese, so much variety and again it is so delicious.

I usually use their mozzarella on my cauliflower crust pizza. But this summer, I made my own version of a Caprese salad. I used sliced white peaches, ripe tomatoes, slices of the Miyokos mozzarella, and fresh basil. I finished with a drizzle of some good balsamic vinegar, a little olive oil, and some rock salt. Listen to me… this is just good eatin’

And new to my kitchen is their cream cheese. They have this one with chives and I dare you to try it and not buy it in bulk. It is divine with crackers or on raw veggies or as a sandwich spread. And as I am writing this, I am thinking about stirring it into my next pasta dish. Remember when Philadelphia Cream Cheese use to have that whole line of product you could add to hot dishes? I’m doing that asap with this Miyokos cheese. Will keep you posted.

And then there is the feta. I love a greek salad, but have not had one since becoming vegan because I could not find the right vegan feta… until now. Miyokos cream cheese tatse so delish and is very close to the real thing… it even crumbles like true feta.

Miyokos can be hard to find. I usually purchase at Whole Foods. But you can also order from Mylkguys or check out Miyokos site for a store finder function.

If you are new to this whole vegan thing, you may have been turned off by a nasty vegan butter or a cheese experience from the grocery story or from some restaurant with no business experimenting. But there are some great vegan butter and cheeses out there. You just have to experiment a little. But I suggest you start with Miyokos. It may change your mind about vegan cheeses.

*Photo courtesy of Miyokos.

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